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Our Story

Limestone Realty & Construction, is a family owned and operated business servicing the construction industry. Mr. Li, the founder of Limestone Realty & Construction, was originated in China since 1975.

In 1996, Mr. Li expanded the business to Canada. Sooner after that in 2012, Rickey Li, son of founder Mr. Li, expand the business to Los Angeles US. Rickey also continues the tradition of providing new and past clientele with series, quality, and schedules that meet or exceed the diverse and varying requirements of our client’s expectations.

Construction Workers at Sunset

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide the highest-quality workmanship possible. We succeed at this because of the integrity of our subcontractors and staff, our commitment to a solid work ethic, and our passion for staying current with the newest innovations of our industry, with consideration for the environment.


We will accomplish this through delivering high quality, on schedule, and cost-effective projects to the public and private sectors of California. We are a team of talented individuals dedicated to building strong relationship with our clients, vendors and employees. We maintain an ethical approach to business with honesty, friendliness, and gratitude. We find strength in our positive approach and are passionate about those we work for.

Our Vision

At Limestone Realty & Construction, our experience allows us to provide outstanding quality while respecting cost and time considerations in order to ensure high-quality results. Since all of our trades are in-house, we are able to offer the lowest rates with greater control and never compromising our commitment to quality and service.

Image by Anastasia Petrova
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